Helsinki-Uusimaa Week is filled with events for everyone

The Helsinki-Uusimaa Week is awash with the events of municipalities, various schools, organizations and other regional actors, and it brings forward all the work being done for the own region.

The week is held every May, with a new theme. A lot of activities and creative ideas are offered for everyone.

Uusimaa-viikon teemakuva en

The first Helsinki-Uusimaa Week was held in 2012, and is being coordinated by the Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council. The Helsinki-Uusimaa Award is granted during this week.

2018 is about Culture and Change

The following Helsinki-Uusimaa Week is held May 7th to May 12th 2018 with the theme “culture & change”. It is a week filled with many different events, and it invites everyone to reflect upon the overall role of culture in an everchanging environment.

Helsinki-Uusimaa Week 2018 with the following themes:

Monday May 7th; Education and Competence
Tuesday May 8th; Competitiveness
Wednesday May 9th; Culture and Togetherness
Thursday May 10th; Wellbeing
Friday May 11th; Environment
Saturday May 12th; Finnishness and Finnish

Let your event be a part of the Helsinki-Uusimaa Week!

We hope that our week can be seen all around the Helsinki-Uusimaa Region, implemented via various events and organizers. All through the year, the events will be knitted together to an entity. 

If interested, please contact: Tarja Haili, 040 774 1718 or